Persie Herby and Arromatic Gin

Persie Herby and Arromatic Gin
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Savoury with gentle spices, and a rich, olive oil mouthfeel.
We like this best when you keep it simple: on the rocks. Or, if you’re feeling foodie, try a Bloody Herby with a little tomato juice, sherry and a drop of Tabasco. All you need is a Sunday newspaper and you’re set.

From the founder of the world's biggest gin club - - Simon Fairclough decided to create his own unique gin after touring up and down the country finding out which gins were most loved and talked about. And – here’s the thing – they all have one vital thing in common. That perfect interplay of aroma and taste.The result? Persie Gin! Hand-made in small batches at the foot of Glenshee in Perthshire. Three distinct styles of aromatic gin each uses carefully chosen botanicals to evoke an emotive and comforting scent: sharp citrus for the fruity gin; fresh herbs for the savoury gin; and almonds and vanilla pods for the sweet gin.

40% ABV 50cl.

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