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Chemin De Marquiere, Merlot, Pays D'oc

Chemin De Marquiere, Merlot, Pays D'oc£8.99   £7.49


Our Top Selling Wine! 

Buckfast Miniatures

Buckfast Miniatures£2.49

5cl Buckfast Miniatures!

Telegraph Road Shiraz Viognier

Telegraph Road Shiraz Viognier£7.99   £6.99

Perfectly balanced Australian Red with warming, peppery Shiraz

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Crocera Barbera d’Asti Superiore

Crocera Barbera d’Asti Superiore£11.99

Sommelier Wine Awards 2020, Gold

Domaine de la Motte Petit Chablis

Domaine de la Motte Petit Chablis£15.99

A proper baby Chablis.

Fontanino Riesling

Fontanino Riesling£10.99

A dry, mineral and textured Riesling

Fortaleza Del Ray Airen Sauvignon Blanc

Fortaleza Del Ray Airen Sauvignon Blanc£7.99   £6.99

A Good Value Sauvignon Blanc

Santa Tresa Organic Rose, 2020

Santa Tresa Organic Rose, 2020£10.99   £6.99

Winner of an IWSC, Bronze in 2021

Veuve Ricotteau Champagne

Veuve Ricotteau Champagne£22.50

A substitute for our best-selling Baron de Marck Champagne. On a blind line up, you would never know it was £10 cheaper than our next Champagne!

Viña Borgia by Borsao Organic Garnacha

Viña Borgia by Borsao Organic Garnacha£8.49

This delicious and pure Organic expression of Garnacha is a new addition to the Borsao portfolio

Vinha Maria, Doc Dao Reserva

Vinha Maria, Doc Dao Reserva£11.99

Gordon's Top Organic Pick
Borsao Selección Rosado

Borsao Selección Rosado£9.99   £7.99

A delightful pale Spanish Rosé

Percheron Old Vine Cinsault

Percheron Old Vine Cinsault£8.99   £7.49

From gnarly 40 year old bush vines - an elegant national treasure from dry grown coastal vineyards.

Barramundi Merlot

Barramundi Merlot£8.99   £6.99


The Affordable, easy-drinking Australian Merlot from Victoria is back! 

Adobe Reserva Viognier, Organic

Adobe Reserva Viognier, Organic£9.99   £7.99

High quality organic fruit is sourced from Emiliana's vineyards in Casablance, Chile.

Amarone della Valpolicella, Santa Dorotea

Amarone della Valpolicella, Santa Dorotea£25.99   £19.99

This was my best find last year - once I seen it again on an offer price i couldn't pass an opportunity to tell everyone how amazing this wine is...

Aotearoa Sauvignon Blanc

Aotearoa Sauvignon Blanc£11.99


Back In Stock! 

"Staff Favourite" - If it's a New Zealand Sauvignon a customer is looking for then i always direct them to this...

Aotearoa Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé

Aotearoa Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé£9.99   £7.99

April's Wine of the Month

A must try Rosé Wine from our best selling N.Zealand Sauvignon producer. 

Nyala Sauvignon Blanc

Nyala Sauvignon Blanc£6.99   £6.49


Back In Stock! 

Our bestselling Sauvignon Blanc

Adobe Reserva, Organic Sauvignon Blanc

Adobe Reserva, Organic Sauvignon Blanc£9.99   £7.99

A clean and lively organic Sauvignon Blanc

Silver Myn Sauvignon Blanc

Silver Myn Sauvignon Blanc£9.49   £7.49

A fine example of sustainably produced, cool climate Sauvignon Blanc.

Dr Zenzen Pinot Noir

Dr Zenzen Pinot Noir£10.99

March 2022, Wine of the Month

This Pinot Noir surprised us upon tasting, it really is a hidden gem in our store!

Gable View Cabernet Sauvignon, 2018

Gable View Cabernet Sauvignon, 2018£7.25   £5.99


Back In Stock! 

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