I'm still on the Gin train...Rise in Rums, really?


Yes! Over the last 5 years we have seen the Gin trend grow and grow. From your original London Dry to any whacky, weird and sometimes wonderful flavour you can think of - we even had a Brussell Sprout Gin on our shelf last Christmas! Now, as we watch Gin sales stagnate (but by all means still our leading spirit) we are watching closely as the interest for rums from our customers, especially in the spiced and flavoured category, are becoming...Read more for the latest 'rumdown' and our advice on which rum to choose.

Covid_19 Closure

It's with a heavy, sad heart that due to the First Minister's announcement this afternoon that all non-essential (all but food and medicine) shops need to close that today, Monday 23rd of March will be the last day our stores open until further notice...

"Which Vegan wines do you have" is something we are hearing regularly these days. To make the answer seem less daunting when we show you the vegan selection in store, we've compiled our list of our Top 5 including everyday affordable wines, dinner party wines and our special all-rounder vegan and organic

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