Buy Now, Beat the Duty Increase, 2023

Buy Now, Beat the Duty Increase, 2023

As you may, or may not have heard the Government are making their biggest change yet to the Alcohol Duty system - which comes in to effect on the 1st of August. The biggest change is alcohol will now be taxed based on the ABV of the product -

In simple terms, the higher the alcohol per volume (ABV), the higher the new duty rate will be.

What does this mean for you?

Unfortunately this means many of your favourite wines will therefore see an increase of approx 44p per bottle if they are between 11.5%abv-14.5%abv with wines above 15%abv going up as much as 97p per bottle. If you are a Gin or Whisky drinker - unfortunately you will see your bottles go up by 76p per bottle.

When will the increase be applied?

Our suppliers increase their prices on the 1st of August, so you will start to see increases in store and on our website as of then.

Is anything staying the same price?

Slightly good news! The duty on Champagne and Sparkling Wine will actually be coming down to match that of Still Wines - so no more paying a premium for your Prosecco! Likewise wine under 11.5%abv will have a considerably lower duty at 9p lower than the current rate! The same story goes for low alcohol/non alcohhol products.

Whats our advice?

Our prices are frozen until 1st of August - so we are advising you stock up now! With the majority of our top selling wines being in the 11.5%abv - 14.5%abv category you are likely to see an increase of at least £5.00 per case of 12 as of the 1st of August- which all adds up!