A message from Ellie & Gordon - Thank you, but don't stop now!


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

What a ride the last 3 months have been since Lockdown began. Some of you have known us for a while, some of you are new here and some may just know the name behind an email or a phone call. For those who aren't familiar, i'm Danielle aka Ellie, daughter of Gordon the director of Ellie's Cellar otherwise known as Gordon's left hand. And for those who do know us will know I also get dragged in to be both hands when he wants a holiday!

We pride ourselves in being the definition of a family business, starting out a decade ago in our own hometown of Alva and slowly branching out to towns around Scotland with a small, but excellent team helping us! These last few months - although they have brought a catastrophic loss for some - they have also brought a huge huge shift in "SHOPPING LOCAL" in terms of where wine, beer and spirits is concerned. We're still unsure as to what or why it has brought so many new customers in, and even old customers back. We're also unsure as to how long you may stay but we look forward to the challenge of keeping as many of you as possible as these restrictions start to lift, by continuing the service we have provided now for over 10 years.
Hopefully for many of you, alongside the orders you have placed over the last 3 months, you have also received 1) Great Service 2) Quality products and 3) Maybe the most important - GREAT VALUE! Now we can't help but notice a lot of the bigger, national companies who stopped their services or struggled to keep up with demand for a while e.g Tesco, Morrisons, Laithwaites, Sunday Times Wine club etc launching big adverts in an attempt to gain your custom back. But we urge you to think before you return back to your usual shopping habits! Do we offer a comparable price, value and service to which you were getting previously elsewhere? It's true what they say..."When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a happy dance"...and we have been dancing, but it can't stop now! Wether its supermarkets, wine clubs or other online retailers we are asking you to stay committed to shopping local and watching your High Street thrive, wether it's with us or your local butchers/fishmongers - we have ALL felt the benefit. 

What will we do for you? We are continuing with our local delivery, and click + collect service even after restrictions have been lifted, our stores continue to be open and we will work hard to continue finding some of the best deals around including those you may find at supermarkets, purchasing great value wines plus finding those new unique products that we are well known for around our local areas.

So stick with us, continue to grow with us and watch this space... 
Lots of happy dances, smiling faces and well wishes, 
Ellie + Gordon xox

Jill Adamson
16 June 2020  |  21:37

Hello, I probably am one of those people who would occasionally pop in to your shop in Alva but since lockdown I am now a regular! Why? First of all I hate queuing and like the quickness of popping in to your shop. Iíve appreciated the local shops much more during lockdown and plan to continue to support them. I like the personal service and perhaps I can buy my Whitley Neill orange vodka cheaper via Amazon but going forward my business will be given to you. Personally I drink NZ Sauvignons and would like it if you stocked a better selection and then I would cancel order to Laithwiates. You have probably seen a rise in the sale of the Matua NZ wine - thatís probably down to me 😀

16 June 2020  |  22:21

Thanks so much for the feedback! I'm so pleased to here you are now a regular. Regarding the NZ Sauvignon's we have a bigger selection in our Dollar store so i'll create a few options for you and if you fancy trying any of them, i can get stock moved to Alva. Thanks, Ellie