The key to the perfect G&T




The key to the perfect G&T…


Well, what is it? Is it down to the choice of gin? The tonic? The garnish? Or does it take three to tango?

Since the recent gin trend took off this has been a much debated topic between experts and gin drinkers alike. Are you one to follow those experts advise on specific gin, tonic and garnish mixes regardless of your personal taste preference? Does it even make any difference? I'm here to tell you why I think that YES, it does matter and I truly believe that your unique taste is in fact the key to the perfect G&T.


Still sceptical to experiment? Spare me 5 minutes and read on if you want your next pour to be a your best yet...


First up, the garnish. Arguably one of the overlooked elements to a G&T but, in my opinion, just as important as the other two elements.  Take the iconic duo of Hendricks and cucumber. Clean, fresh, simple and will forever stand the test of time as a “go to” gin combination.  It just works.  Fast forward a few years and one of the most popular gins of the moment is the more fruity Brockmans with hints of berry.  Instantly made a 2010s classic when combined, again very simply, with a delicate Fever Tree tonic and garnished with raspberries. It makes sense and for that reason it works. Silent Pool and a rosemary sprig, hits the spot for gin drinkers who favour a more juniper led taste pallet. Another garnish that has landed on the scene is Pink Grapefruit.  Team it up with gins such as Eden Mill, or our Spanish speciality Valentia, and it's sure to send you down the path to perfection. A spiced gin, for example Ophir Oriental, works well with an orange peel garnish to enhance its deep, warm flavour. Of course these are just a few examples, you might want to try red apple, lime, rhubarb, cinnamon, strawberries.  The. List. Goes. On. And on.


Ok, now lets talk tonic. According to ‘The Spirit Business,’ 2017 is going to be the year of the tonic.  Bow down and forever hold your peace.  Many of our customers have caught onto this trend and are purchasing different tonics to experiment with their, now extensive, gin collections.  Even non-tonic lovers are beginning to turn their heads to the vast range of tonics now on offer.  I no longer believe that people don't like tonic, they just haven't found the perfect tonic for their favourite gin.  With Fever Tree expanding their lines and smaller brands like Lamb & Watt branching out its only a matter of time before this dislike is completely overruled.  Don’t get me wrong, a bad gin is a bad gin no matter what tonic you mix it up with, but this blog is not about taking a gin and making it good, it's about making the perfect G&T combination for you.


So that's it then we've talked tonic, we've covered garnish, that must be it? Nothing more to think about. Right? Well yes, for some that’s the perfect Friday night glass of bliss (or large goblet, come on we are all adults here, size matters).For others it's still not quite right, and that won't do, we want perfection.


I've got your back. Throw the rule book right out the window, ignore all that's gone before. Ditch the 2017 tonic trend, mixup the garnish. The before mentioned Ophir Oriental makes the perfect pour with ginger beer. Trust me. The Edinburgh Raspberry Gin is a treat with Champagne. Don't panic, if like me your living the Champagne lifestyle on lemonade wages a more purse friendly Prosecco works just as well, better in fact. I even believe Fentimans Rose Lemonade is a perfect combination with Edinburgh Rhubarb and Ginger Gin. Don't tell the pros, just trust in me.


So what was my point, oh yeah. What is the key to the perfect G&T? Well if you haven't got it by now, I'll give you a clue. It's a little like this blog begins with a why and ends with you. it's you! Experiment, break the “rules” and mix it up. It takes all sorts to make a world and the same goes for the perfect G&T (even if the “T” is technically included).

Disclaimer: all mixes were tested in the making of this blog.

Warning: come armed with paracetamol and water. Always drink responsibly, shed no tears over spilled gin.


Enjoy experimenting in the name of gin science, I know I have.


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