The Viral Orange Wine: What you need to know

The Viral Orange Wine: What you need to know

From Oranges, really!?

No…surprisingly it’s not made with Oranges. The world hasn’t gone too mad, we’re still using grapes to make Wine so lets think of Orange Wine like the cool cousin of white wine. It’s made from white grapes, but unlike white wine and more like red wine, the skins are left on during fermentation giving that gorgeous Amber hue.

What does it taste like?

Now onto the fun part! Orange wine is like a flavour explosion in your mouth. It's bold, funky and packed with personality. You may detect hints of dried fruit, lots more floral notes and even a touch of herby/earthiness.

What can I drink it with?

If there was ever a wine made for a soft creamy cheese board or charcuterie platters in the Summer Evenings then this is it!


So, why should you give orange wine a try? Beside the fact it's delicious, it’s perfect for adventurous palates looking to try something new and for those looking to experiment with your cheese pairings - my mouth is watering thinking about a chilled, crisp Orange Wine with an Apricot Wensleydale or Stilton…

Fun Fact:

Orange Wine is also known as “Skin Contact Wine” and it’s actually one of the oldest methods of wine production in the world but thanks to the social media world of today more people are finding the delights Orange Wine and appreciating it’s beauty.

Join the Adventure:

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