Ellie's Cellar Top 5 Vegan Wines

The Vegan Craze

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last year, you will have seen (and heard) the amount of interest Vegan food has had! Wether you have been on the vegan train for years or are have jumped on recently in a quest to have a lifestyle cleanse have you really considered everything? While you may think your kitchen cupboards have been purged of all things animal, have you thought to check your wine rack? Sorry to burst your bubble but the glass you enjoyed last night with your lentil curry may have ruined your all plant-based plan. 

Why is all wine not Vegan?

Traditionally all wine producers used animal products, like egg-whites, gelatin or (sorry) even fish bladder, during the fining process to make the wine clearer, less bitter and enhance or correct flavour. But now, thanks to the worlds way of evolving , lots of wine producers are now using mineral and plant-based fining agents from bentonite clay and silica gel to plant casein more often. 

Is all wine stamped 'organic' also Vegan?

In short, not always. Just because you've grabbed the Organic wine on the shelf, unfortunately doesn't mean you are guaranteed to be drinking Vegan or Vegetarian wine. Organic wine is made with organically grown grapes, which are free of pesticide and chemical residues, but that doesn't mean the wine producers can't and often do use animal products in the fining process and their wines be classed as organic. Some wine producers do however use organically grown grapes and mineral fining agents in their wine - we've identified one below to start you off.

Everyday, Affordable White & Red - Drinking Vegan wine doesn't have to come with an extra price point. And after a hard day, sometimes all we need is a little pick me up in our glass without feeling like you've emptied your wallet.   

Convivale Pinot Grigio £7.99 - A classic Pinot Grigio, ripe orchard fruits on the nose with hints of honey and peach. Lightly spicy with good weight and texture - balanced by fresh citrus acidity and baked apple and pear notes.

False Bay 'Bush Vine' Pinotage £6.99 -Wild yeast fermentation, low yielding bush vines and ageing in large French oak foudre inform this richly-fruited, yet savoury and satisfying Pinotage. Plummy aromas with a faint hit of barbecued meat. The palate is full and rich with slightly rustic yet moreish tannins and an impressively long finish



Enjoy with a meal - Once you've created your favourite plant-based meal, you need the perfect wine to match! Lots of wines will say on the label the perfect match, is fish, chicken or red meats. But which grape goes with your favourite meal? 

Louis Jadot Pinot Noir £13.99 - Match with a mushroom risotto

There's one wine that screams out for mushrooms and its Pinot Noir! It is harmonious and balanced, with a plump fruitiness and silky texture offset by round, gentle tannins in a wine of medium body and elegant structure. The very typical, fragrant varietal bouquet is complemented by a deliciously lingering finish. 


The Dinner Party Wine - This wine has got to be right. It's got to look the part (after all they asked you to bring the wine because they think you know your stuff), taste good and, maybe the most important, not break the bank. Be honest with yourself, we've all sat round a table wondering why we spent £15 on a bottle for 2 other couples to scoff it down before the main course arrives!

Cune Crianza Rioja

Cune Crianza Rioja £10.99- Enjoy with Pizza & Pasta

I don't hear many customers say they don't like a Rioja - especially when it comes to taking a bottle for a dinner party. It's well known - and for good reason, they're generally excellent! The Cune Crianza was aged in American Oak for 1 year so flavours of vanilla, cocoa and caramel and prominent balanced nicely alongside A surprisingly aromatic nose with red fruits and liquorice.


The All Rounder - Vegan, Vegetarian + Organic all rolled into one. 


Castel Del Lupo Pinot Noir

Castel del Lupo Pinot Nero ‘Della Quercia’ [Organic] £12.99- A great match with rich pasta dishes

Winning the Ellie's award for best all-rounder. This Vegan & Organic unoaked Pinot Noir captures all the vigour and character of the small plot of organically-grown 15 year old vines in the La Quercia vineyard where it is sourced.Pronounced, warm, ripe, black-fruited, spicy and complex aromas. Lively acidity offsets the ripe wild plum and bramble fruit and the palate combines concentration, delicacy and structure.